Syncing events not working as tables don't show in database

I added a sync event for a contract on Binance smart chain(Mainnet)
But events are not been synced and the event tables don’t appear in moralis database

We need more info, abi, topic, server url

Can you identify only the abi for that particular event that you try to sync?

it looks like there is an issue with an ABI, I don’t know now what is the exact issue

I noticed in the new moralis dashboard, you have to paste the whole abi of the contract, you can’t just paste the abi for a single event.

you can paste a contract abi that has only one event, you have to add [ ]

this is an event sync with an issue:

{"chainId":"0x38","address":"0x684E23f213fc4dF5B7d6DA57324d825c4666CC8C","tableName":"Unstakes","topic":"WithdrewStake(address, uint256, uint8)","abi":{"inputs":[{"internalType":"uint256","name":"amount","type":"uint256"}],"name":"withdraw","outputs":[],"stateMutability":"nonpayable","type":"function"},"filter":"","sync_historical":true,"description":"Unstake Event"}

when you do this, by adding an invalid abi, in this case a function instead of an event, the server will get stuck

Okay, let me try it with [ ]

You have to fix first the events that have issues

Pls What’s the issue?

Read two messages above

Okay seen…is this the only sync event with an issue? The other two events don’t show up on database too

It looked like there were multiple events on that server, not sure how many. That is the only one that I saw it to have this issue.

Okay, thanks a lot…can I delete all of the events and start afresh?

It may be easier to delete the server if you don’t use it now for anything else.
And after that to create a new server.

Alright…Thanks @cryptokid

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