Synced_at is always current date in web3 api

I tried to get created date of NFT, but got synced_at field always 2022-05-16(today). this issue has happened from 2022-05-14.

What I have tried to call apis.


Are there any solutions to get NFT created date from web3 or moralis api?

You can use the block_number_minted value from those API results. And then run it through getBlock API to get the timestamp.

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We can’t call this api to get creation date due to 'Too many requests to Web3 API from this particular…’

We have 300 NFTs in our collection, in order to get created data, we can’t call this api 300 times.
Then Moralis will give me errors.

You can change the limits as outlined here: Rate limit - Moralis. And add delays between each request if you continue to have problems.

you only have to call that once per token id, and then you can keep the result in the database, if there are only 300 NFTs