Sync event sometime not update new event

Hi moralis team. I don’t know moralis has any problem. Some time sync event is not work.
I sync the event to my database, but sometime has event but don’t have record in database
It is the transaction

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Hi @locpx

Please share your server subdomain
This is my server, please check it

Hey @locpx

The issue was fixed.
Let me know how does it work now :man_mechanic:

Hi, my database is empty after you fix. Please help @Yomoo

Are you sure there are items on sale?

Yes, there are 12 item on sale now. I check on my smartcontract

Is there a real need to use this table if you have an ability to get info about items onSale from the contract?

I mean the logic you use now can be broken

I just write a manual job to update item on my database. It’s work ok now. Hope you guys update the watch event feature and make it’s more stable. Thank you

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Hi we don’t see any issues with our system at this moment

Can you please remove all your cloud code and see if the sync event alone runs fine?

As your code has delete logic - it could be the reason you see some of the events being deleted
Therefore, try running the sync event alone in isolation and see if it syncs all events
Also please specify which events you are trying to watch that is not syncing?

Thanks for helping us investigate this issue :clinking_glasses: