Sync between 2 Databases

Hello, I have a question about synchronization between another DB with Moralis DB. The purpose is some data from the platform is already created in another DB and I want to sync them together.
Should I create some system to make a request between Moralis and the other DB? or anyone has any suggestion?

Thank you in advance

in what direction you want to do that sync?
you can connect directly to your Moralis server mondo db instance now if you want.

@cryptokid we need to store a lot more data in the DB and the team already created it so.

@cryptokid I have another question in terms of speed and the performance using Moralis MongoDB build in and Other MongoDB which one is faster in response? and do you have any references or documentation or some kind of document? So that might be a best way to compare it

I don’t understand yet in what direction you want to sync, for example you have an already existing database with 100GB of data that you want to sync into Moralis DB or the other way around, or something in between, or something else?

Regarding Mongo DB speed, I don’t think that it is a difference if it is still Mongo DB with what you want to compare it. But with an upgraded server you will have better performance.

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you could also use two databases if you want, with two backends

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Hm that’s might be interesting

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