Sync and watch - events not appearing

I am having some difficulty watching contract events - below is the abi for the event and contract address I am trying to watch:
Contract: 0xff98372Ef0f94a0bbb9E530A97432EA9fff10B4D
{ "anonymous": false, "inputs": [ { "indexed": false, "internalType": "uint256", "name": "listingId", "type": "uint256" } ], "name": "Sale", "type": "event" }
The contract is deployed to Polygon Mumbai, and has many historical events that should be available.

I have tried setting the topic to Sale(uint256) as well as the hash of the topic as read from

The class appears as expected in the dashboard but with 0 events (and no errors that I can see). I followed the moralis docs/youtube video but not getting anything.

Does my ABI look suitable for this task? Does Moralis require indexed: true in order to watch events?

I have checked quite a few related questions on the forums (including updating/restarting coreservices and the server itself) but nothing was working for me.

Any help is greatly appreciated,

It seems like a simple event. It should work. Make sure to use the exact ABI from the contract. If it was indexed there or not then it matters to be exactly how it was when it was deployed.

You can also paste the server url.

Thanks for your speedy reply cryptokid, I just redeployed the contract and tried a new event - the abi for which is below. Still no events unfortunately - my server URL is:

and the abi for a different event is:
{ "anonymous": false, "inputs": [ { "indexed": false, "internalType": "uint256", "name": "amount", "type": "uint256" }, { "indexed": false, "internalType": "uint256", "name": "price", "type": "uint256" }, { "indexed": false, "internalType": "address", "name": "vendor", "type": "address" }, { "indexed": false, "internalType": "address", "name": "product", "type": "address" }, { "indexed": false, "internalType": "address", "name": "currency", "type": "address" }, { "indexed": false, "internalType": "uint256", "name": "listingId", "type": "uint256" } ], "name": "ERC20Registration", "type": "event" }


Seemed youโ€™re doing something slightly wrong. With the abi shared above, you should have a topic such like this ERC20Registration(uint256, uint256, address, address, address, uint256) and make sure the sync is on the proper network and the contract address is valid

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the contract address that executes the transaction is not necessarily the address that generates the event, I looked at one event that has the topic set as hash, the topic is correct, but the address it not the address that emits that event

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thanks a lot, this was my issue on the new contract, appreciate the help

thanks for the info, managed to get it going with qudusayoโ€™s help, as well as yours