Sync and watch event sometime not update new event

Hi moralis team
I found that sometime the event watch and sync cannot create record automaticly in my server. I just sync event in to a new table and it has more than old db 4 records. Please help me check and fix that. Thank you.
My server url:
I sync Delist(uint256) event on contract : 0xc40F66275bFA7c4A052e1ec09F082da84C41b13B
I check on my database dont have transaction : 0xadae64833adcaf6e358ecfaf4f1d47a066bfa9fa655ea506e03b173e5eceaf7b
But when I clone the sync and watch to a new table, It has.
I check error but don’t see any clue. Please help me to check.