Sync and Watch Contract Events with Address wildcard

Is it possible to sync and watch contract events from any contract that emits a specific event?
As a practical example, let’s say I want to monitor every uniswap trade and listen for the Swap event on any UniswapV2Pair contract. Would this even be possible to achieve with moralis?

You can not do that with wildcards on address

Any other way you could think of this being achievable with moralis?
Also another question, let’s say I want to monitor the transaction history of a single market to display a price chart of that market to the user in the frontend. What would the best way to do this with moralis? Returning thousands of trades in a request doesn’t seems feasible to me, is there any tutorial that covers something like this?
Or is a subgraph a better solution for applications like these?

I don’t know a way to do that with Moralis now, with the equivalent of a wildcard for an address for an event sync.

For doing a transaction history, not sure if I understood the question, you could use pagination and only 100-200 transactions per page maybe.

To clarify, I have a protocol with a factory contract that can create markets. I’m listening to events on the factory contract and store the created markets in a table.
So because the protocol I’m working with does not have a router contract I could fetch events from, I’d have to use dynamic subgraphs to index data from these individual smart contracts and use moralis for account management.
The challenge I have with this approach so far is that if a user were to fetch markets from the frontend, I need data to be available from both, moralis (how many users liked that market, etc.) and subgraph (total volume of the market). This way I can sort markets by certain criteria (popularity, volume in the last 24h) or display information to the user in an overview of all different markets.
Do you have any suggestion on how to integrate subgraph data into moralis perhaps or a better way to solve this?

You can add events and addresses programmatically for watch