Sync and Watch Contract Events - Create the "Offerings Placed" and "Closed Offerings" listener

I try to follow the article:
But I am stuck by Sync and Watch Contract Events “listeners”. There is an image there you need to create the “Offerings Placed” and “Closed Offerings” Sync and Watch Contract Events.
I can’t find anywhere the details for “Topic”, “Abi”, “Address” and the name of the collection.
Can anyone please tell me where I can find the details for the two listeners?

Do you have a contract address?
You can add an event listener for events that are emitted by transactions on chain.

Hi Cryptokid,

no, I just started with the guide.
I don’t have any contracts done yet.
Do I need to start with the contracts first before I can follow the guide?

you can try to read the guide once without trying to add that event sync, to see what else is needed.

you can also look at this tutorial

only to get a better idea of what is needed, the syntax in this tutorial is outdated

Thank you very much! Go go trough it and see how far i come.

Thanks again for your help!