Sync and watch address doubt

There is AddressSyncStatus table available in moralis dashboard. When I authenticate an address then an entry automatically adds in this table.

My doubts:

1.) This means that if any other transaction is made through that address then moralis will fetch it?

2.) What if I delete that entry from table. Will it still listen to any other transaction made through that address?

3.) There is “Sync and Watch Address” option available. Suppose, if I sync my account address with ethereum mainnet, then will it listen to the transaction of any other chain or it will just listen to ethereum mainnet?

you can specify the chain when you use sync and watch address, and it will watch the address only on that chain

when you authenticate, automatically it will be synced for all the EVM networks that are selected for that server, if you delete it then it will not be removed now from that sync process

there is a setting in server configuration to disable that sync for all the addresses, usually this could have been a problem before nitro servers where all the historical transactions would be synced for all the users by default, now it will sync by default only last 50 transactions per address and you can modify that constant

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Understood:) Thanks a lot @cryptokid

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