Sync addresses not working

I have a bunch of addresses synced via the plugin on my server, syncing stopped yesterday although every address has flag of sync_historical: true.

The last sync happened over 15 hours ago, I restarted the server several times already.

can you also add the server url?


now I think that _AddressSyncStatus updates only when historical sync runs, for real time sync there are no updates

there are tables like TokenBalance, EthTransactions that you could use to update that value if you really want to update it for any transaction

So basically you are saying instead of triggering AddressSyncStatus I should try to place the triggers on EthTransactions? I will try that and let you know. I still dont understand tho, why this is even necessary since behind the scene the AddressSyncStatus objects are beeing updated, triggers should work for that.

also that does not explain why my server stopped syncing at all as well. Any details regarding this? Last sync was yesterday many hours ago.

the server stoped syncing?
it is still not syncing now?
I had the impression that only that AddressSyncStatus table was not being updated

no nothing was syncing, the AddressSyncStatus objects get updated when sync has been done, there are many fields last last_sync, is_syncing etc these were all not getting updated. Last sync for all is still yesterday. I have exchange wallets synced, they have transactions every minute

I mean, if you look in the other tables, like the tables with transactions, is there new data?