Streams - track method if Contract ABI methods not available on Etherscan

Can I filter a stream to show only tx’s for a function that does not show in the contract ABI list but does have a label in the Method column on the Transactions table?

The method I want my stream to report is “disperseToken”

		"constant": false,
		"inputs": [
			{ "name": "token", "type": "address" },
			{ "name": "recipients", "type": "address[]" },
			{ "name": "values", "type": "uint256[]" }
		"name": "disperseToken",
		"outputs": [],
		"payable": false,
		"stateMutability": "nonpayable",
		"type": "function"

You could try using the ABI you have for the event. Without the ABI we will not be able to identify the event from the transaction.

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