Streams API - empty transactions data received


Trying to build test app using Streams API to monitor all transaction for specific addresses.

Webhook is receiving calls from Streams , but JSON data is empty for all transactions
There are two addresses added to the stream

What could be the reason of this behavior?

Basically I just need to get transaction hashes for all incoming and outgoing transactions for selected set of addresses.

Json data:
{‘abi’: [], ‘block’: {‘number’: ‘’, ‘hash’: ‘’, ‘timestamp’: ‘’}, ‘txs’: [], ‘txsInternal’: [], ‘logs’: [], ‘chainId’: ‘’, ‘confirmed’: True, ‘retries’: 0, ‘tag’: ‘’, ‘streamId’: ‘’, ‘erc20Approvals’: [], ‘erc20Transfers’: [], ‘nftTokenApprovals’: [], ‘nftApprovals’: {‘ERC721’: [], ‘ERC1155’: []}, ‘nftTransfers’: [], ‘nativeBalances’: []}

The stream:
“id”: “ba793cd0-bb57-4dee-b317-55a1f528e3e9”,
“webhookUrl”: “”,
“description”: “ERC transfers”,
“tag”: “ERC20Goerli”,
“demo”: false,
“topic0”: null,
“allAddresses”: false,
“includeNativeTxs”: true,
“includeContractLogs”: true,
“includeInternalTxs”: true,
“includeAllTxLogs”: false,
“getNativeBalances”: [],
“triggers”: [],
“abi”: null,
“advancedOptions”: null,
“chainIds”: [
“status”: “active”,
“statusMessage”: “Stream is active”

Very strange result.
I paused and then resumed stream from Moralis Admin. Except this stream settings retained absolutely same.
And data for transactions which webhook is receiving became not empty from this point.

Hi @antonv

The empty JSON that you shared is the initial test JSON which we send to your webhooks when the stream is activated or updated. This is to check if the webhook server is receiving the data.

You can get your stream usage date using the below endpoint to check how many records were sent to your server.

Hi @johnversus!

Probably this is the reason - but empty JSON was received about ten times after first set of test transactions with this wallet on Uniswap.
Later when I paused and resumed this stream - no empty data was received at all.

Can you once test the stream in demo mode?

In demo mode you can view the received data from in the steams setting page. This will be easy to debug if the streams is actually sending data.