storing data to ipfs


I want to send 10 million json data in single request and also get 10 million IPFS hash according to json data.

why would you want to do that with only one request?

we are working on a project and we have requirement for that.
we have requirement to generate 10 miilion of NFTs

and you also have the requirement to do it in one request?

No, this is not mendatory we can send in chunks also

you also know that you will have to pay gas fees if you create all those 10 million nfts on chain?

you could upload the data on ipfs when someone mints an NFT if you don’t have to mint all the nfts at once

I want to get IPFS hash for each json data as fast as possible

Yes i know, i have to pay

if you mint the NFTs in order, you could know what are the next 1k NFTs and add next 1k json files for IPFs in advance

i will make two different request for IPFS hash generation and nft generation.