Steps to replicate (with Moralis)


I am new to Web3 and just discovered Moralis which looks amazing. By learning web3 development I would like to replicate a version of

What would be the steps to reproduce this?

So far I know how to connect to Metamask and get the Wallet Adress with Moralis.

What’s still unclear is which steps I have to do for “Buy Using WETH” or “Buy Using FIAT/USDC”.

Would be great if someone point me to the right libraries or documentation.

Thanks in advance!

Look at marketplace tutorials like this one to point you in the right direction: How to Create an NFT Marketplace » Moralis - The Ultimate Web3 Development Platform

There are many steps involved e.g. creating/deploying/interacting with contracts, on-ramp integration, so take it at your own pace.

thanks @alex! I’ll take a look at the tutorial.