Start smart contract event sync job from cloud code

I need to be able to start watching events from cloud code programmatically and start and stop listening depending on some logic. There is a moralis plugin which you need to manually initiate and set up the smart contract to whom events to watch. Can we initiate the same process through cloud code?


Similar issue here.

My contract creates contracts and I’d like to listen for events that those created contracts are emitting. Is there a way to programatically set up an event sync with a given contract ?

there is an option to add a sync for an event with moralis-admin-cli command

Yep, that would be something. But this must run in the client browser.

User1 Action =>

contract X created & new UI element appears on User1 screen.

User2 interacts with the contract X

=> User1 screen should update.

This only works if the client side js can trigger an event sync to a specific contract.

moralis-admin-cli must run in a secure env, not in the end user’s browser :slight_smile:

So the only solution I see right now is to run a separate REST endpoint, which can take POST requests with the address of every new contract X that is created.

There on this server you could have a script triggered which runs

moralis-admin-cli add-contract …

But Ivan replied on discord that they may soon add a feature to solve our issue simply and quickly. Like everything Moralis :smiley:

any news about this?

you can sync a contract event from code now: