[Start Here] Moralis Hackathon Guide

Welcome to the Moralis Hackathon!

We’re super excited to have you here. This post is meant to give you a good introduction for how to participate in the hackathon, how to get started quickly with moralis and where you can find help and guidance when needed.

:point_right: First of all, the rules of the hackathon are simple. Build an awesome project utilizing Moralis. Utilize the tech of our sponsors for bonus points. The winner gets $30k, second place gets $15k, third place gets $5k.

You can build in teams or you can build alone, we don’t care. We only care about the end result.

:point_right: Step 1: If you haven’t registered yet, make sure to sign up over at moralis.io/hackathon. When you are signing up, read through the Rules of Participation.

In the Rules of Participation, you can also see how the jury will judge your project.

Once registered, you are ready to start building.

:point_right: Step 2: Get started and learn moralis.
Moralis will help you to quickly build powerful dapps without having to care about any backend infrastructure. You can easily start using Metamask User Authentication, and use the built in Ethereum node to make cloud queries for all types of blockchain data, including events, token balances, addresses etc.

You can register for a moralis account at admin.moralis.io.

Resources for learning moralis :point_down:

:point_right: Step 3: How to get help.

There are multiple ways to get help if you are stuck or need help understanding moralis.

  1. Get help about moralis and our partners tech from our own team in our official forum.

  2. Get help and inspiration from our community in our discord. Here you can meet other devs, find inspiration and get help from other devs in the community.

If you have any other questions, you can always reach our support team at [email protected].


Filip, this link is broken (Error 404) : https://moralis.io/hackathon-rules-of-participation

That hackathon already ended.

OK, thank you cryptoKid!
I didn’t see it was posted in last April. I was not informed you already made a Hackathon so early that year. Is there a link to see some projects that won that contest?

there should be an YouTube video about presenting the winners for that hackathon