Staked NFTs not showing up on moralis account API getNFTs

I noticed that when I stake my NFT, it no longer appears in the API call for getNFTs()

Here is my solidity code for the stake function:

function stake(uint256 tokenId) external {
        require(isStakeActive, "Staking/Unstaking is inactive");
        tokenOwner[tokenId] = _msgSender();
        _safeTransferFrom(_msgSender(), address(this), tokenId, 1, "");
        // Emit event here

Btw: I am using the ERC1155 standard

This is despite the fact that when I check the owner of that particular token, it’s still my wallet address.

Is this a bug in the moralis SDK and is there any walkaround?

Appreciate the help!

this seems like it makes a transfer of the token, it will depend on the events that are emitted to identify where the NFT token was transferred.