Speedy Nodes WalletConnect Error 429


I’m trying to implement Walletconnect to our dapp.
It’s kinda working, but after a few seconds I get an error as seen on the image below:

We are on a free plan of Moralis. But I get this error as the only user after only a few clicks.

Any idea what’s wrong? Thynk you.


There is a rate limit per IP for that url specific to wallet connect. That is why you get that error from time to time.

Thank you for your quick reply!

That’s what I was thinking yes, but I didn’t understand why I’m reaching the limit so quickly.

The problem was that I was calling enableWeb3({ provider: provider }); inside Header component and not the App.js. So it got called whenever I switched pages, which made it exceed the rate limit I guess.
It seems to be working now.

Thank you.

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