Speedy nodes User Blocked

Using speedy nodes it seems my user is blocked
No idea why I’m just trying to get my dev work finished before I go live and the dashboard isn’t giving me any clues

What kind of error do you get?
What do you mean with being blocked?

Well Email support got back with me, and it used up all the available requests

I’m having the same problem: when I send any RPC to a Speedy Nodes URL, I get “user blocked” back.

My account is in a Starter Plan Yearly including 10,000,000 requests and the request count is a bit over 1,000,000 as per Account Settings > Payments > Usage.

Support also sent me here.

So the question is why my account is blocked and what can I do about it.

Hello, the api key is indeed blocked, you will get a reply from support regarding that.