Speedy nodes limitation

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I’m developing the DApps which need a scalable RPC node so we choose Moralis’ speedy one on the polygon network. But last time we found that the node was down and we’re unable to send transaction to it (at the time, we’re testing around 15 people). How many rate limit or transaction per second does it allow or do you have the node’s specification. Also, I want to know the best practice of using the speedy node whether it’s suitable for clients’ usage(expose the rpc endpoints publicly) or it’s just for the internal backend. Can we upgrade it to have more capacity or do you have any recommendation?

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Hey @surreal!

The Speedy nodes are reliable, you just might be hitting the free limit, which is 3,600 req/min. We do provide higher rate limits. However I’d like to ask you if you can tell me more about your project, because there might be a better solution such as the Moralis server or the Web3 API, instead of only the nodes.

Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!

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Hi @kresimir,

Thank you for your response. To give you a little bit of a background, we’re building DeFi ecosystem which involves users transacting a lot of tx and also internal backend constantly using the node.
Also, I have a few more questions.
1.Do you have a subscription plan cause I searched and haven’t found the upgrading packages on your site.
2.What is the req/min and other specifications for the upgraded plans
thank you.

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Hey @surreal, thanks for the reply!

Just sent you a big fat DM with much details. We can continue talking there :slight_smile: