Speedy Node problems with BSC, drop all of my transactions, and getTransactionCount return wrong number

Problems start at last night, when I make transaction and send to BSC, it’s dropped and all of next transactions dropped too. I switch to BSC RPC, it’s worked. I think it’s Speedy Node issues.
Last hours, it’s happened again.

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We’re having a lot of problems too. Any word on this?

It looks like we are still having problems with BSC speedy nodes.

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Thanks. I have been going through code all day because I thought the problem might be on my end. Let me know if I should test anything in order to debug. The latest issue we had is that it seems like it is way out of sync. Earlier we were getting a lot of “Too many requests” errors, although we shouldn’t have been hitting any rate limits

Sometimes, the node didn’t accept my transaction, that cause all next transaction will be stuck and not get mined. Any idea about this issue?

it could be related to current problems that we have

related to that error with “Too many requests”, it could happen if you use batched requests, ~10 hours ago we changed how batched requests are counted and we also added a 10MB payload limit

Hmmm that was around the time it was showing up. We are using it with hardhat, so I don’t know how they batch requests. What can we do to resolve this? Everything was working fine 24 hours ago

I don’t know how you are using it with hardhat, in case that you are making more than 3600 requests per minute, maybe you could try to decrease that number of requests.

Well, that’s the other thing- we have an account that should have a 7,500/min rate limit but it is showing up as being on the Free Plan on our dashboard. I’m waiting for Kresimir to become available because he was going to look into it for me yesterday.

What was weird was that our hardhat scripts were returning the “Too many requests” error, but our other scripts (which query our Speedy Node) were still working. I spent the entire day digging through our code because I thought it might be on our end, but I haven’t found anything yet. I’m wondering if hardhat batches it a certain way that tripped some new limits

Any update about this issue, sir?

we are still working on it

Hope it’s fixed soon. Thank you.

Hi @kiriya.shuu, I now confirm you that the requests plan is updated accordingly.

Let us know if there’s anythng else we can do. :slight_smile:

I’ve notified Natel as well

Is my problems related to pricing plan, sir?

I’ve checked. It’s happened again.

const provider = new ethers.providers.JsonRpcProvider(`${MORALIS_RPC}`)
const receipt = await provider.getTransactionReceipt("0x630abd9ebe119631767d39a1fc231aa4e63193492aa0468d9bd2f641b7c4f7e8")

It’s return null. But transaction was mined.

It shouldn’t be related to pricing plan.

Any update about my issue, sir?

We are still working on it

Is there a place where we can have a status on the current issue with the speedy nodes?