Speedy Node Endpoint URL ID changed suddenly

We are using a Speedy Node for BSC RPC endpoint in our application. The URL format is like below:
https://speedy-nodes-nyc.moralis.io/{ LINK_ID }/bsc/mainnet/

Everything was fine until yesterday when the LINK_ID suddenly changed, without prior notice. We had to update our app with the new url.

We just want to ask what can be the reason for such change? It would be better for us to have a permanent link ID that can work time to time.
Thank you

I don’t know exactly what happened. Usually it stays constant until you want to change it.

Thanks for your reply.
So could you let me know some possible cases that the URL can be changed?
It can not be changed by user, right?
I dont see any option to change the URL when I log into my Moralis account.
Thank you

for example, if you request us to change the url, we can change it

Okay thank you.
We will check from our site if anyone made such request to change the URL.
Anyway it is good to know that the URL is supposed to be constant.
Best Regards