Sorry guys but I'm leaving Moralis

Hi, sadly I will leave your service as you asked my startup 200$ a month and now you keeping servers closed and need to revive them once a week. Happily I wrote all necessarily functions without moralis api and sdk, and I found another api free and unlimited with indexer. Thanks for pushing me into programming, especially to Ivan and team who helped me and answer many questions. Bye!

Hey @legenuspl! Thank you for the message

Please let me know more details in DMs, I firmly doubt that your production server has been archived, as those are always whitelisted from ‘sleeping’.

However let me know more details. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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I see an email that I believe might be yours, but I do not see any payment from that email…

Anyway, @legenuspl let me know the details asap and we’ll handle it.

I sent dm…

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and no, my server was not having production but we corresponded that with 9 users I’m not able to pay 200$ a month

Thanks for the message