Some Solana + Moralis questions


I have some questions about Solana + Moralis:

  • Are Solana contracts and transactions accessible through the same Moralis functions as those on Ethereum?

  • Is it possible to connect to the moralis API functions from within Python or PHP? We need to be able to call a function on a Solana smart contract (programmatically using a private key, without unlocking an account) from within Python or PHP.

Thank you for your help!

Or should I better use NodeJs alongside my Apache (PHP) server and run the Moralis JS integration from within there? Is that even possible?

the part with calling a smart contract function with a private key doesnโ€™t usually depend on Moralis, youโ€™ll have to implement that separately.

OK, thanks! Is support for Solana already implemented and ready?

it looks like Solana support is not yet implemented and ready