[SOLVED] Web3Auth.io error Moralis.start

i follow the morlais Web3Auth.io video, the video not fully explain, but i manage to do some of it. i got some problem here which are this

anyone know what is this?

from that error it looks like you need to add something like Moralis.start(serverUrl, appId) in your code

ouhh, where do i add it?

all this code is from https://github.com/MoralisWeb3/youtube-tutorials/tree/main/web3Auth

it looks like here:

already add there, but still got the same problem. do i need to add Moralis.start({ serverUrl, appId});? if i need to add it where do i add it? at the same file which is app_js?

it should be enough to add it there, do you have a server from where to get serverUrl and appId?

i create a moralis server and add it there

if you look in your browser console or network traffic, do you see any error or when it tries to connect to the server?

any idea? i don’t know what kind of bug is this

maybe you didn’t add serverUrl and appId there in that line with MoralisProvider

already add it, so weird

Heyy finally it work, i restart my laptop. then run it again. Maybe it not compile properly .Thank youuu cryptokidd

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Hey @cryptokid, can you help me with a question?

I have set up a Web3Auth and now I want the users to log in to the platform by email for example and I understand that an address is created for them. I did the whole process, got the address created, and transferred some tokens to it, however, when I tried to interact with the smart contract I’m getting an error because I believe some kind of approval should be happening like the Metamask confirm modal and that’s where a lot of question marks arise.

Should the user have a wallet connected to do any transaction within the smart contracts in my Dapp?
What is the best way to enable an interaction between users logged in by email (web3auth) and smart contracts?

Regarding this, the user doesn’t need a wallet connected as web3auth creates a wallet for the user to perform transactions

Using Execute Function works fine with web3auth