[SOLVED] Visualization of Spotify NFTs on OpenSea Testnet

Are the test-NFTs displayed on https://testnets.opensea.io/ going to look like this? Merely as proof of a connected wallet?
I ask because your Spotify testnet video shows a visualized LP cover, etc.

Which OpenSea page is this? Or what is the NFT contract address and chain? It could be a metadata issue.

I redid everything from scratch, wtith reinstalls/fresh dependencies and new tests, but I get the same image-less result.

Here’s the PolygonScan Testnet transaction: https://mumbai.polygonscan.com/tx/0x1dc1dcbdcbd51e18fea282860d38cf73d3b33aed94795b1eed6ad61954bbb3c6

  • a screenshot of the results:
  • the data that was entered into Remix





It could be due to token_uri missing the protocol (https) e.g. for tokenId 1 ipfs.moralis.io:2053/ipfs/Qmc2m5Z6xT3r24TeyKgrjW7XX8oMDtAhYgUURuXBtLUZFQ/metadata/0.json.

Moralis API has pulled the metadata successfully but OpenSea may not do the same thing with these types of token URIs. So try updating the token URIs with the https:// in front.

Also check out the OpenSea metadata standards, you should put those other properties like artist inside an attributes array.

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boom! the URLs fixed it :slight_smile: They’re not used in the exercises, so - as you suggested - maybe something changed at OpenSea’s end!