[SOLVED] User.set() not assigninf value in dashboard

I am following along a Moralis tutorial about login with Metamask.
All works fine except that user.set(“myVariable”, does not do anything in the dashboard.

The login is successful, and I see my wallet address in the dashboard, but all variable set with user.set()
won’t do anything. What could cause that issue?


You may have to add that column in the dashboard interface. After you use .set you also have to use .save

Thanks I hope this can help. I think this is what I did already,

by the way, I see there is 3 user… but its actually just me (strange)

That is a different table, it is not the user table

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Wonderful it works. It was strange that I had to add the row “name” and “email”… so yes wrong table.
I deleted them.
Thanks a lot!

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