[SOLVED] Unauthorized error on speedy nodes (Ethereum, Polygon)

Hey all!
We are using Ethereum and Polygon speedy-nodes. They start failing with “Unauthorized error”. Could you check?

what type of request are you making? if you are using getLogs with more than 2k blocks then it will not work

80% - eth_getBlockByNumber
20% - eth_getLogs
2K per what period of time?

Double checked the usage. We are fully in Free tier.

that 2k is for eth_getLogs for the number of blocks in that interval from where to search for logs, is not for a period of time

Got you. No, we are not making such requests.

Could Moralis check our account?

ok, you get that error code for any request, or only for specific ones?

For all.
Moralis Team, could you check our account?

Can you send me in DM your email and speedy node token id?

Done. Thank you.
Is it any option how can I check it by myself in the account?

you have a new token now that works, I don’t know why the previous one didn’t work

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