[SOLVED] Unable to login

Already specified ApplicationID and server URL in my web app ?

it looks like it is not using the right server url there, you can double check what it was set for serverUrl

The serverURL is the same as i’ve created in moralis.io dashboard …
And i’ve whitelisted my website’s ip address

the requests should go to your server url, in that image it looks like they go to a different address

I’m trying this to implement to XenForo forum software, and i get these errors?

Any idea??

from that error it looks like serverUrl was not set, and it uses some default value api.parse.com


But when i debug the variable serverUrl in my js i got the right url ??

that looks like a valid server url, but in that error it doesn’t show this server url

Thank you, i’ve investigated and it was fault in my code.

The right call function is Moralis.serverURL, in my code it was Moralis.serverUrl

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