[SOLVED] Unable to login with moralis.authenticate

I’m having an issue with login’s/authentications. When I try to login/authenticate I get the following error in response after signing the message in Metamask.

ParseError: 101 Permission denied, user needs to be authenticated.

I’m using version 1.3.2 of moralis.js

Can you post your server url?


everything had been working fine on our test server, only ran into this issue when we went to a deployed server

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it looks like you changed the CLP for _EthAddress table.

yes I had locked things down, perhaps a bit too tight. It didn’t make sense that these should be public read/write/add by default. More documentation is needed here to make things clearer, especially on the predefined tables used by the Moralis code.

you don’t need to change settings on that table, every row will have an ACL

after resetting those settings authentication may work again

yes I reset, and it is working now… thanks.