[SOLVED] Unable to connect to speedy nodes after upgrade to pro plan

I got a message two days ago that my usage exceeded the free plan limitation.
I then subscribe to your monthly pro plan yesterday.
However, I now get errors when trying to connect to one of your http endpoint, getting a 401:
401 Client Error: Unauthorized for url: https://speedy-nodes-nyc.moralis.io//eth/mainnet/archive
This error is happening on all of my servers, so I don’t think it’s IP related.
It’s happening regardless of the chain I’m trying to connect to (eth, bsc, …).
It’s happening when using web3.py and web3j, so it’s not related to the library I’m using to connect to your speedy nodes.
Example of code in python giving me an error:

from web3 import Web3
from pprint import pprint
w3 = Web3(Web3.HTTPProvider("https://speedy-nodes-nyc.moralis.io/MY_TOKEN/fantom/mainnet"))

Is there something that I need to activate since I changed plan in order to get access to your nodes again?

Hi @benoit.grg! Thanks for the message

If I’m not mistaken, searching for an account with your name I found one, and I see that the rate limit has been lifted to 3,500 req/min upon payment.

And none keys on the account are blocked.

I also see two extra slashes “//”

so instead of https://speedy-nodes-nyc.moralis.io//eth/mainnet/archive

try using endpoint https://speedy-nodes-nyc.moralis.io/eth/mainnet/archive

Hi @kresimir .

Thank you for your quick answer.

Regarding the extra slashes, it was a typo when copy pasting the url and removing my token (16d*************9878) from it. I’m using a correct url in my products.

All the endpoints that I was using were working perfectly well until I upgraded to the pro plan. Maybe changing the token (current one is 16d*************9878) would fix things up?


Thanks for the reply!

Sure, I can give you a new token. Please confirm your account email fro me in DMs :slight_smile:

Thank you for providing me with a new token, now everything is working perfectly well!



Appreciate the update @benoit.grg!

Have a great day, and wish you Happy New Year! :green_heart:

Thanks Kresimir, happy new year to you too!