[SOLVED] Unable to call custom user attribute in application (verification)

Hi Moralis,

I am trying to allow the front-end to show if a user has been verified in the database. I am verifying users for now manually. So I created an attribute called verified as a column for all users that is boolean True/False and automatically set to False for all users by default.

I am able to successfully get the username back with this: {user.attributes.username} however, with this: {console.log(user.attributes.verified)}, I am getting an undefined logged in the console.

Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

if you log all the user info with console.log(user), you find that verified info somewhere?

in db you can see that column with False?

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Thanks @cryptokid! I just had to sign out and sign back in to re-authenticate the session…of course…lol It’s all working now, wooo!