[SOLVED] Too many requests to Web3API from this particular client

Hello. On my frontend, I am making a request to a Google function that makes a request to Moralis.Web3API.account.getNFTsForContract to pull a users NFTs for our project. This was working really well for several weeks but since two days ago I have been getting a Code 141 Error stating that “Too many requests to Web3API from this particular client” have been made.

code: 141,
>    error: 'Too many requests to Web3API from this particular client, the clients needs to wait before sending more requests. This can be adjusted using Moralis.settings.setAPIRateLimit. Read More: https://docs.moralis.io/moralis-server/web3-sdk/rate-limit.'

This is strange because I am the only user testing this and am barely making 5-10 requests a minute. I upgraded to Pro service but still seem to be getting this problem. I have checked out some other similar topics and also added this code to the cloud functions tab on my server in the admin panel but I am still receiving the same error.

After some testing, this only seems to be happening on my Rinkeby test server. I am able to make this request when I change my environment to mainnet. Please help.

    anonymous:100, authenticated:100, windowMs:60000

I was able to figure this out. This topic can be closed and deleted!

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