[SOLVED] Tokens not returning from /erc20 endpoint

I have found the /{address}/erc20 endpoint does not return a handful of tokens in my wallet.

For example, I hold some WRLD on Eth mainnet, but it doesn’t show in the /erc20 endpoint.

Here’s the Etherscan page which shows my ownership of WRLD.

My wallet address is of course 0xEbed98150996cd76464469A46A275e6199fa1f7c

However when I put my address into /{address}/erc20, WLRD does not return.

The strange thing is, the WLRD purchase transaction does appear in the /{address}/erc20/transfers endpoint.

Perhaps it’s a caching issue? Either way, any help would be great.

You can get the native balance this way:

x = await Moralis.Web3API.account.getNativeBalance({"chain":"eth","address":"0xEbed98150996cd76464469A46A275e6199fa1f7c" })

I don’t know yet about that missing balance

Thanks for the response. Native balance is all good, it’s just that specific erc20 tokens aren’t returning.

we will have to investigate, thanks for reporting

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@bagel, the problem should be fixed now

Perfect, looking good - thanks!