[SOLVED] The actual NFT list data held in the chain is reflected late in the Get NFTs API response data

First of all, the network I’m using is “Polygon Mainnet” and “Testnet (Amoy)”, and the API I’m using to the core is “Get NFTs By Wallet (https://docs.moralis.io/web3-data-api/evm/reference/get-wallet-nfts)”.

The problem is, even though NFT Mint and Transfer transactions have been completed, they are not immediately reflected in the API and respond to previous list data. (Both Mainnet and Testnet)

Previously, it definitely seemed to be reflected in the API right away once the transaction was completed, but now it doesn’t seem to be.

I get a transaction completion response straight to Webhook via Stream API, is there a reason why this is not the case with API?

The service we are currently providing is difficult to provide if NFT list data is not immediately reflected in the API, so the problem must be solved.

Please reply.

For Polygon Mainnet it appears that the results are instant, I checked using the latest mints/transfers list from the block explorer - https://polygonscan.com/nft-latest-mints. In case you have an example for Polygon Mainnet, can you please post it here? this will help us investigate.

However, for the Amoy chain, there seems to be a delay, I’ve escalated this to our devs for further investigation, I’ll get back to you as soon as I have an update.

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To NY State of Health@GOBT,

Ensure that you’re not hitting any rate limits with the API service. Rate limits can throttle the frequency of API requests and affect how quickly updated data is retrieved. Since you’re receiving transaction completion responses via Webhook through the Stream API, compare the timing of these events with when you query the Get NFTs API. Confirmations on the blockchain can affect data availability.

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Thanks @christy2951hernandez, it was resolved on another channel