[SOLVED] Syncing time on hardhat non-historical

Hi all! I’m syncing my server to a local hardhat node, however, I’m not seeing any contract events come through, and it’s been syncing for over an hour.

The chain has maybe 10 transactions on it though :sweat_smile: (since it’s hardhat) am I syncing wrong?

I can see the Admin panel saying “Currently Syncing”

And it looks like I’m connected:

And I can see the tables being created, but they are all empty:

And I’m making transactions that emit the event:

emit ItemListed(msg.sender, nftAddress, tokenId, price);

So I’m wondering what I’m doing wrong? Maybe I just need to wait longer for it to sync? Will it say “done syncing” when it’s done?


    event ItemListed(
        address indexed seller,
        address indexed nftAddress,
        uint256 indexed tokenId,
        uint256 price

server seems to work now after restarting coreservices

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Hmmm I don’t think there should be a semi-colon on the topic there @PatrickAlphaC :thinking:

Oops! I’ll delete that. But stuff is working correctly again after the restart. Thank all!

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