[SOLVED] Some issue again with getnfttransfersbyblock and get

i have some issues again with getnfttransfersbyblock and getblock api endpoints on eth , it is slow again
with many retries to get data, this problems start since 15 min ago
please help us

thanks in advance

we are checking to see what happens

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thanks again, dear @cryptokid unfortunately Moralis data is before etherscan

what you mean with before endscan?

sorry etherscan my mean was

it looks like we are 3 blocks behind now

i checked for getnfttransfersbyblock api endpoint it was 12 blocks in this time

yes, at this moment it is ~15 blocks behind

can you guess how much time needs to solve this problem?

now we expect it to be less than 1 hour

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more power to you.
dear @cryptokid have you any progress in solving the problem?

We think that we are close to adding an improvement

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now the expectation is that we will fix it tomorrow

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does it work better now?

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well done, yes dear @cryptokid it works well now

thanks a lot

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