[SOLVED] Servers not showing up

I have created 3 servers on my account.

They are showing up properly yesterday on the moralis admin console, however after I deleted 1 of the server, all of the servers no longer showing in the console.

I have tried using moralis-admin-cli update-server command and is able to see a list of my servers.

However, another issue arise. I created a new server using the cli, and it is being listed when I use moralis-admin-cli update-server, but when I try again after couple of hours, it is no longer listed while the other 2 servers are being listed.

I have tried to create a new server and it is telling me that I have reached the maximum amount.

can you DM me your email address in order to identify your account?

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no problem, already dm you my email

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can you try again now? Now you should see all 3 servers

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Tested just now, all 3 servers are showing up now.
Thank You!

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I didn’t see any servers options in my moralis admin panel

did you have servers before? we are moving to self hosting servers, if you don’t have any server then you will not see that servers options

ha i am new in moralis what i should do to see servers option in my moralis admin panel?

We discontinued the use of managed servers. You can try to self host one.

And how to self host one?

You can follow this tutorial or you can use your preferred backend or you can use firebase.