[SOLVED] Servers not showing up

I have created 3 servers on my account.

They are showing up properly yesterday on the moralis admin console, however after I deleted 1 of the server, all of the servers no longer showing in the console.

I have tried using moralis-admin-cli update-server command and is able to see a list of my servers.

However, another issue arise. I created a new server using the cli, and it is being listed when I use moralis-admin-cli update-server, but when I try again after couple of hours, it is no longer listed while the other 2 servers are being listed.

I have tried to create a new server and it is telling me that I have reached the maximum amount.

can you DM me your email address in order to identify your account?

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no problem, already dm you my email

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can you try again now? Now you should see all 3 servers

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Tested just now, all 3 servers are showing up now.
Thank You!

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