[SOLVED] Server RPC:PORT for php-eth-rpc

Hello guys, i don’t know where to find it or asking, i spinned up a node with Moralis but i see only the https url to connect, how can i connect to it using RPC and PORT? (is a password needed then?)

Thank you in advance!


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Hey @mark

HTTPS/WSS link for access to your node = RPC Link

It doesn’t have a PORT. No, you don’t need a password for using it. You RPC link already has a key

There are two types HTTPS and WSS

Great! i’ll try it soon, thank you very much for the answer!
So if i was using
$geth = new EthereumRPC(‘’, 8545);

now should be:
$geth = new EthereumRPC(‘https://speedy-nodes-nyc.moralis.io/MYACCOUNT/bsc/mainnet’);


Yes, that’s right.

Let me know how it will work for you

Happy BUIDLing! :man_mechanic:

Thank you! i couldn’t use directly the PHP script, i made a similar script in nodejs and it’s working like a charm