[SOLVED] Server page in moralis is missing

I am new in web3 space, I just created an moralis account, I have seen many youtube tutorials and read documentations about creating a sever from https://admin.moralis.io/server but in my account I am able to open this page,

Can anyone tell me how can I access server page ??

We disabled that page, you can try to self host a server: https://docs.moralis.io/docs/v1-server-self-hosting

We are moving to self hosted servers.

Hey @cryptokid, I had made a server on Moralis earlier and it wasn’t a self-hosted one. It was like add a dapp type of server. I am using it in my current project and it works perfectly fine now, and I can access it perfectly. Won’t it shut down(disabled) right? Actually, whole of my project depends on it.
Thank you.

You will have to move to a self hosting server at some point as we are moving in that direction. You should have enough time to move to self hosting.

Okay, Thankyou @cryptokid for the swift and clear reply.
So, in the case of self-hosted servers, what features that we are currently using will be missing? Like, currently we use the metamask auth, database to store user data like wallet addresses, and in our case we are storing some specific details about the user’s music choices too. So will we be able to do these in self-hosted servers or will there be enough resources to do so.

in this case you can use this tutorial for self hosting:

It is based on parse server that is what we are using in a moralis server now, you will have a database, cloud code, similar to what you have now with a moralis server. The difference is that you will have to host the server somewhere else, you can also try it locally.

Okay Thankyou,
@cryptokid can you rough ly estimate how much time do we have for making this shift. Because me and my team are planning to make a big web3 project using moralis and hence we will plan accordingly.

if you are using a free plan, it could be close to one month until you will have to move to a self hosted server

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