[SOLVED] Script-src-elem error when deploying web

I’m trying to deploy my moralis project using ec2 ubuntu

then I encountered error

this is my index.html

Any help appreciated!

does it work when you run it locally

what is that script that it tires to load?

Yes It works in local environment
it is just mainpage of my tutorial webpage that load data from moralis db

What is inside your index.js script? You need to look at your CSP settings. You can read about CSP here.

What these are links meant to be e.g. forum.moralis.io/plugins and where have they come from?

index.js was made by webpack build, then I allow full permission csp settings in index.html

I’m not sure where https://forum.moralis.io… came from… there’s no forum.moralis.io in index.js or index.html

Solved it
it was error in yarn run build

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