[SOLVED] ReentrencyGuard.sol new location

in the moralis academy,

alot of files have changed/got removed,

do you know where is the reentrencyguard.sol file? because i cannot find it in the utils.
i dont know if they changed the location or do we have to explicitly install it with npm or got implemented to all the files for security purposes?

Hey @acsalameh, hope you are well.

Could you please detail the issue a little bit more? which lesson(s) have a file missing?
I guess you mean to this lesson: https://academy.moralis.io/lessons/utilities

If so, do you have the openzeppelin module installed in your project folder? (node_modules folder), remember that all modules including openzeppelin is on that folder.

Also keep in mind that openzeppelin contract package version is different than the course, which is probably why in the video the reentrancy is on the utils folder, and now in the last version is on the security folder.

Let me know if it helps :nerd_face:

Carlos Z

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yes you answered exactly what i needed, its now in the security folder, thanks!

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