[SOLVED] React native boilerplate authenticate - useMoralis

Hey everyone!
is there a way to retrieve user specific information from the authenticate method after successful crypto login?
I am using the react native boilerplate’s crypto login with walletconnect and metamask.

const handleCryptoLogin = () => {
    authenticate({ connector })
      .then(user => {
        if (authError) {
        } else {
          if (isAuthenticated) {
      .catch(() => {});

I believe I should receive a user object from the Moralis DB but nothing gets returned.
Do you know how I am able to do that?

Maybe with the very old moralis SDK versions it’s not available like that from authenticate.

Try using user from useMoralis hook (console log it in a useEffect with user as a dependency).

Otherwise try getting it from Moralis.User.current().

Thank you for the quick reply!
Actually I found out that there is a property called ‘user’ that I needed to watch for from userMoralis hook. It works now fine! Whenever the user is authenticated the component gets refreshed and I am able to store the token and all the relevant data related to the user for authorization with my 3rd party API. Thanks for the help!