[SOLVED] RAM at 92% but nothing being run on server

I created a new server 30 minutes ago. About a minute after starting up, it reported RAM usage of 92% capacity. It has remained at that level ever since (refreshing the page periodically to see).


  • But i have not made any requests to this server yet.
  • I don’t have anything running on the server yet.
  • And i dont see anything in the logs that would suggest anyone else has made any requests to my server by accident either.

The only thing i see on the logs that is slightly unusual is this, although it is probably not related:

Warning: Duplicate cloud functions exist for getERC721TokenTransactionsCount. Only the last one will be used and the others will be ignored.

My server details

Server URL: https://xnf6kwyi6g8p.bigmoralis.com:2053/server
Server Version: 0.0.259


  1. I created another server, in an entirely different geographic region. And it is doing the same thing.
  2. A server that I created 2 weeks ago is running as normal, reporting 0% RAM usage when i dont make any requests to it.

At a first look it may be showing a wrong number there for RAM usage, you can ignore it for now and Devs will check.

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Resolved by @Yomoo here

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