[SOLVED] Q's about who the creator of Moralis contracts are & where images are stored

  1. If I mint NFT’s with Moralis, am I seen as the contract creator? or will it be a shared contract, as if it were minted with opensea.

  2. Do you have hidden content, or a website gateway for unique private content?

3, If in 5 years Moralis is no longer around, what will happen to the image connected to the NFT?

You can use pinata for uploading images to IPFS

For the contract question, Moralis doesn’t have any contract, you will have to deploy the contract that mints the NFTs, or use an existing contract or use opensea

we don’t have this part with hidden content

But Pinata you have to constantly pay to keep the image alive, no?

Do you know if I can add it with a third party, i.e. darkblocks? - Tx

I don’t know a solution for this now, there may be solutions that I don’t know

It could depend on how many images/files you want to upload.

You can also try to see if it works to re upload the same image/file on IPFS if it keeps the same IPFS path as it was uploaded first time, in that case you can re upload it in the future with pinata in order to keep it pinned in case that it will be needed.

Thanks for all your help

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Great to hear that :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

If you still have any other issues, feel free to create a new thread, we’ll be available 24/7 to help you out

For now, I’m going to close this thread as you have solved your issue.

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