[SOLVED] Origin error response on nft endpoint


so it happened again and we now know the endpoint:

Its this one: β€œ/nft/” + nftAddress + β€œ/transfers?”

and we are getting this response:
520 Origin Error: [

520 Origin Error

520 Origin Error


and we dont know why? Our application relies on this endpoint heavily …

thanks already

Hi, can you give more details, like an address example that replicates that, what chain were you using.

It is not dependent on the address. Our servers are running 24/7 and sometimes it just stops working and gives us this error message on all calls to that endpoint…like we have reached a limit or something!?

Please provide server subdomain

You mean the server subdomain from our server?


Do you use our API via http requests?

we are investigating, I also got a slow response or an error

Yes, we use http requests

Is there maybe a limit of requests per second or something? It usually happens we have a high load to that endpoint

thanks for report, we are on it and will get back when we have updates :raised_hands: we have reproduced the issue

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Hey @ivan,

i know you guys are doing an amazing job and are very busy, but we are planning to go live next week and this issue is very important for us.

Do you have any idea if this can be fixed until next week or should we look for workarounds?

Thanks already :slight_smile:

Are there any updates on that topic?

You say that you still have these errors now?
How frequently it happens? Could you recover from the error in case that happens? Like trying again after 1-2 seconds the request that generated that error.

we have bought the pro plan and looks better now… so you can close that ticket and we will open a new one if it happens again.


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