[SOLVED] No token price data on BSC since 21/11

The price data from getPairAddress & getPairReserves seems to stop at some point on 21st Nov. After that no tokens seem to return any price data.

that is only for BSC chain? asking because it may be related to the fact that BSC archive is not yet synced.

I’m only working on the BSC at the moment - so I’m not sure
The last block returned by my archive node is still on the 21st - can i use that to workout the current limit?
I can build that into my software.

you can use the last block number from BSC archive as an upper limit, if that helps you

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The archive node is still showing 12838777 as the latest block (2021-11-21 16:43:00). Am i doing something wrong - or is the BSC archive node now 6 days out of sync?

you are not doing something wrong, it is still not synced up to date

Thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile:
Is there an ETA for this - or is it out of your hands?

we don’t have an exact ETA, but we hope that next week will be fixed

Yay - the data is back!!! Thanks guys :+1:

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