[SOLVED] NFT Search API limit not working

Hello, no matter what limit value I pass to the search API the result is 2000 records.


The limit parameter changes the page size (from the default 100) of the response, not the total possible results (records) for the query.

Ok, how would I page through the results? the response from my query says page_size: 20. I am on page 0 and the result set is 2000 items. I was expecting the result set to be 20 items so that I could use the cursor to get the next 20 items just like I do when I use the getNFTs API.

You use cursor to go through the pages in the same way like you do with getNFTs.

But it looks like there is an issue currently, page sizes (result) are limited to a maximum of 100. Thanks for reporting.

This should now be fixed.

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Thank you - The API is working as expected for me now.

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Hello! seems like the endpoint /{address}/nft is still limit the pageSize to 100 no matter the limit you choose

Yes, it is a maximum limit of 100