[SOLVED] NFT Metadata not updating

Can not update metadata for NFT’s using Web3API Getting ```
“status”: “The metadata could not be updated! Try again later”. Token URI API shows incorrect tokenURI: (I assume resolving “ipfs”?) .

Please advise…

that url doesn’t work for me, if the url doesn’t work then we can not extract the metadata

Hi. The URI for the token is ipfs://QmVU1utruhTSnyDqySExr4hwXryBviUCQXAjxymvF6M1bw

I only see that IP address from Moralis. Same happening for this one as an example (BSC) 0x507c8b43b4550A8e2decA7690Fec7E9ee218dC9d ID 703. Both were minted Friday.

I did notice that in /NFT/{address}/{ID} IPFS being replaced with moralis.ipfs endpoint but now it seems to replace “ipfs” with ip address. Seems thats the reason it cant get metadata… where that ip address coming from?


same contract token 700 (minted couple of days prior) shows URI as ```

correctly replacing "ipfs" with your accessible endpoint. Hope that helps find the solution.

I think that I understand now:

x = await Moralis.Web3API.token.getTokenIdMetadata({"address":"0x507c8b43b4550A8e2decA7690Fec7E9ee218dC9d","token_id":"703","chain":"bsc"})


amount: "1"
block_number: "17236011"
block_number_minted: "17085522"
contract_type: "ERC721"
metadata: null
name: "ENFT Lady Bull Swap"
owner_of: "0xc61ed7058c3a7f9b210f2de23705e77c5010e922"
symbol: "ENLBS"
synced_at: "2022-04-25T00:24:02.250Z"
token_address: "0x507c8b43b4550a8e2deca7690fec7e9ee218dc9d"
token_hash: "06fb542458f92f28a84e708d6c260380"
token_id: "703"
token_uri: ""

and on chain the token_uri is ipfs://QmQzwoufy8YRzk2KxuW8w8pKRoQcUjXA1YMR8GyYAv5DPK

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As an example BSC 0x507c8b43b4550A8e2decA7690Fec7E9ee218dC9d all tokens have same tokenURI - ipfs://QmQzwoufy8YRzk2KxuW8w8pKRoQcUjXA1YMR8GyYAv5DPK

However Moralis Web3API shows three different ones for tokens 704-706
704 - https://ipfs.moralis.io:2053/ipfs/QmQzwoufy8YRzk2KxuW8w8pKRoQcUjXA1YMR8GyYAv5DPK
705 -
706 - https://gateway.moralisipfs.com/ipfs/QmQzwoufy8YRzk2KxuW8w8pKRoQcUjXA1YMR8GyYAv5DPK

Correct! We heavily rely on metadata. Thanks for your help!

we identified the problem, can you try to resync metadata again?

That worked!!!. Thx!!!

Moralis now supports refresh for all NFTs automatically Moralis Updates NFT Metadata