[SOLVED] Moralis Web3 Api, indexing a new deployed ERC1155 smart contract

Hey guys,
how often do you update the web3 api content. Because i minted an nft and after 30 mins it is not yet in the web3 api request response?

It should be faster than that, can you give more details about the nft that was not found?

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Sure thing,
it’s an erc1155 token on the avax testnet chain.

This is the account it’s minted to. It’s the most recent.
My request looks like this:
It’s listing all other 3 nft’s, but not the most recent.
Thanks for the fast reply!

I’ll check in an hour

@Pasko70, it works now, the reason was not working at that time was because when a new contract is deployed you have first to call a function specific to that contract so what Moralis starts indexing it, like listing all the token ids for that contract, or getting the metadata for a specific token id from that contract.

First of all, thank you for your response.
But that means i can never get the nft’s of a user if i don’t know the address of the tokens he holds?
When you still had the nft’s in in your database (before nitro) this wasn’t necessary and I could create a contract and the tokens got listed.

this is not related to nitro, this is related to web3api, I don’t think that it worked before either, it works only if someone tries to call a function specific to that NFT contract that was created

Ok maybe I called a token adress related function and I can’t remeber. But still isn’t that problematic?
How can i get the users nft’s if they are not listed?

we will work in improving that part, for now you can force the indexing like that for a contract that is not indexed yet

Again thank you and I don’t want to anoy you guys with my questions. But let’s imagine I’am building a nft market place. There is no way of me knowing which kind of contracts the user holds. There is no way of me knowing which addresses i have to index?

maybe most of the users will use contracts that are well known, and not deploying a new contract for every NFT that they have

But this only true for ERC1155 collections and heavily traded ERC721 token. Every new ERC721 will remain completely unkown. Is ok if I post this is issue in feature suggestion, because i think it really limits the usefullness of web3 api nft interface. For now i have to use bitquery again and integrate it with my moralis server. But i really would like to only use moralis like a true blockchain firebase.